Coby desperately needed to find a way to prevent UTIs...

Coby battled with recurring urinary tract infections for almost a decade. During this time, she visited numerous GPs and experimented with several different remedies. From cranberry supplements to antibacterial tablets- even daily doses of nitrofurantoin. Nothing seemed to work.

One night, Coby's struggle went from bad to worse and she was rushed to hospital with a case of acute pyelonephritis. It was a painful experience and whilst three days of intravenous antibiotics cleared the infection, she was left with renal scarring. It was now exceedingly important that she prevent urinary tract infections. 

Coby was referred to a urologist, who suggested she try 'D-mannose'.  Clinical evidence of its ability to effectively prevent and treat UTIs was inconclusive, but case studies throughout USA and Europe were revealing promising results.

Coby started using D-mannose and, to her surprise and relief, discovered it managed to keep UTIs at bay. Since then, Coby has been ardently researching D-mannose and its therapeutic potential.

As a qualified journalist, Coby wanted to document her story and share her learnings, to help bring relief to other UTI sufferers.

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