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UTI Test Strips

urine test strips

Sometimes when you have that niggling feeling it can be hard to tell if it is a case of paranoia, overactive bladder or genuine infection. These test strips show signs of raised leukocytes and proteins in the urine which may help you to ascertain if you experiencing the onset of a UTI.

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D-Mannose Powder

D-mannose powder

Pure D-mannose powder, from Bulk Supplements. This is one of the best-reviewed D-mannose powders on the market. Bulk 250 gram packet, offering good value for money per serve. Mix up D-mannose powder in a glass of water and take it to assist with the prevention of UTIs.

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D-mannose Capsules

D-mannose capsules

Now Foods D-mannose capsules (500mg) help to support a healthy urinary tract and allows you to take D-mannose on the run. Keep them in your handbag and take them discreetly and easily during those in-between times; before you get a chance to mix up D-mannose powder at home.

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